Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Impactful Characters


Kali is an outspoken, spunky, and flirtatious young cali-girl with killer vocabulary. She lived next to De Rossi and her husband Mel Metcalfe in an apartment in Santa Monica. She is very into fashion and art. Vogue is her addiction. Kali is short with voluptuous burgundy hair. When De Rossi got her role in Ally McBeal, Kali was the one De Rossi turned to to get help with fashion.

Michael Rogers

Michael is Portia De Rossi's brother. He is a comedic and tender guy who is rather close to Portia. After De Rossi's husband, Metcalfe, ran away with her brother's wife, they moved in together and cared for one another. Michael was the one who snapped De Rossi into reality: without help, she would die. He also supported her through all of her struggles.

Margaret Rogers

Margaret is Portia's mother. She is a say-it-like-it-is kind of person. Her and Portia are close also. Margaret and Michael teamed up to get Portia help.


Suzanne is a professional, caring, and gentle nutritionist who has the capability of getting to the nitty-gritty. She is explained as a constant barrier for De Rossi because of her persistence to increase her daily calorie intake. However she is mentionable for her constant bombardment to De Rossi's "anorexia bubble" that isn't reality. Now that De Rossi is free from her disease she can see how crucial Suzanne was.

Ellen DeGeneres

Portia met Ellen at a photo shoot in 2004. Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian with her own talk show. She is a very loving and kind person. Ellen, being openly gay, helped Portia with her confusing thoughts about being a lesbian. Her unconditional love and acceptance of Portia helped her overcome anorexia. They eventually married in 2008.

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