Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Place or Two

One very important place is De Rossi's room in her Santa Monica apartment. This is where day after day she awoke asking herself  What did you eat last night? She would toss and turn in her cold sheets trying to ignore the pounding voice in her head telling her to "Eat it. You deserve it." then to "Throw it up you ugly fat nothing." Her room is where she would weigh herself, a huge part of her anorexia-controlled routine. Every morning she would do 150 lunges accross the wood floor of her room until her knees were bruised. She would use the bathroom connected to her bedroom to purge when she would eat a lot. Portia De Rossi's room is where some of her darkest of times were.

Another significant place is Portia's office on the set of Ally McBeal. This is where De Rossi installed a treadmill inside of its tiny walls. Carpeted and made to feel like home this is where, between scenes, Portia would run to burn as much calories as possible. It has a couch and this is where some intense discussion took place, some that turned out to be lifesaving.

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