Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why is this unbearable story, Unbearable Lightness?

Portia De Rossi began counting calories at age twelve. With modeling and acting putting a spotlight on her life, she felt she had to be fit for her pictures and roles. She also used self punishment to deal with her ashamed and fearful feelings of being a lesbian.

Everyday was a difficult and tedious process of making sure calories were at an exact 300 and trying to get rid of the intense feelings of guilt and self-betrayal. De Rossi pushed herself to the breaking point by not only starving herself, but by turning to compulsive physical exercise and eventually to purging. She also exhausted her spirits by thinking worthless and critical thoughts about herself and stuggling with the fact that she is a lesbian.

Unbearable Lightness is a very unique way to express De Rossi's struggle with anorexia. Her life with the disease was indeed unbearable, since she wanted help in a way, but would never say anything. Also, the fact that her body was falling apart without proper nutrients. She could also be described as light at a mere 82 pounds. It could also be viewed as metaphor for her painful fight with her spirit after constant self hate and feeling of shame.

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